No Insurance? No Problem!

ChiroHealth USA (CHUSA)

By joining the ChiroHealthUSA Program, you immediately become eligible to enjoy discounted fees that include your first day initial consultation, office visit and x-rays as well discounts on all adjustments, therapies – *including massage, vitamins, etc. Your membership is just $49.00/year and it includes you and your dependents.

To join, simply complete a membership application in our office. We will collect the enrollment fee and submit it online for processing. It’s just that simple!

*Massage rates WITHOUT being in the program are:
90 for 30 min and $135 for a full session
CHUSA Rates:
$40 for 30 min and $60 for a full session

By signing up – You save $1-$26 your first day, then $50-75 each following massage.

Questions about CHUSA?